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MRU Field School To Peru 2017

Who We Are

Joe Pavelka of the Mount Royal University Health and Physical Education department started the Canoes for Peru initiative to give students the opportunity to explore Peruvian culture and ecotourism first hand. The first trip in 2015 was extremely successful and brought twelve canoes from Canada to Peru. The boats were delivered to a family, who own and operate Bonanza Tours, the only locally-owned and operated tour business in the region. The Huamani family incorporated the canoes into their eco-tours down the Alto Madre Rio River, which flows from the eastern slopes of the Andes into the Amazon. This year, we are seeking to raise $10,000 to help bring a group of passionate Mount Royal students to Peru to learn about ecotourism and help to build a sustainable tourism business for future long-term professional relationships.

Where We Are Going

Pavelka is continuing the project in May 2017 taking 15 students down to canoe the Amazon and explore the amazing countryside. The goal is for students to see the world outside of Canada and see that there are more than a million different ways to live. Students in the program will see first hand how good ecotourism operates. Former student Vanessa Bilan said, "...this trip is for everyone and [we] loved learning how the Peruvians live.".

The impact of your donation

Your donation will directly support the students participating in this field school and will help alleviate the cost of this unique opportunity. The intended outcome of the program is to bring immediate economic benefits to the region, create awareness of the park and wildlife, showcase the possibilities and benefits of ecotourism, and most importantly, to further establish friendship between the Mount Royal community and the Manu Park region. Students will learn, through immersive hands-on experience, about the growing ecotourism industry, culture, and life in the country. While there, students will complete research on various sustainable tourism and cultural topics.

As part of this initiative, young boys and girls from the nearby village of Atalaya will be taught canoeing technique and safety so they too can begin to earn above average wages as Amazon river-guides. While it is common to see powerboats on the Alto Madre Rio, experiencing the river in traditional canoes, over a seven-day period, will be a distinctive opportunity. The use of canoes represents a return to a more traditional way of experiencing the river via self-propelled water travel, something that has become less prevalent since the advent of motor boats.

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